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September 30, 2005

Aberystwyth Timetable Generator Updated
Mike @ 4:27 pm

I’ve added third and fourth (masters) year details now and corrected a few omissions from the second year times. As things stand it seems to match up with the official timetable fully.

It can be played with at: http://mikeasoft.com/timetable/

First year and postgrad details will be added when I can bothered ;).

September 29, 2005

Aberystwyth Timetable Generator
Mike @ 12:22 am

Hacked together a little PHP script to generate personal timetables for second year CompSci students at UWA. It’d be really handy if the CompSci department themselves offered something like this, then it would just need a user to login rather than select all their modules by hand. I might add first, third and fourth year details to it at some point if I get bored enough. It also does PDF output for printing.

It can be fiddled with at: http://www.mikeasoft.com/timetable.

September 23, 2005

STX Minimo
Mike @ 4:18 pm

I spent a little more time working on the STX version of Minimo. What I’m trying to do is produce a version of Minimo which works nicely on low end desktop machines. Minimo itself is designed for PDAs, mobile phones and other small devices with around 64MB of RAM. Due to the differences in display there’s a lot of changes needed to the interface. After looking at some documentation on Mozilla’s RDF system I’ve started to write support for bookmarks in to the interface, once this is done and a few slight annoyances are fixed it should be roughly usable.


STX Minimo browser

For anyone wanting to have a play with it a slightly older version can be downloaded from: http://junk.mikeasoft.com/stxminimo_0.1_386.deb

The package was just knocked together quickly and so lacks dependancy information and such, but if Firefox/Epiphany/Mozilla runs on your system then this should too. Pressing return in the location bar doesn’t work correctly yet, you need to press the separate “Go” button.

My (somewhat unscientific) tests had it loading over 3 times faster than Opera inside Qemu, taking only 9 seconds instead of 34 from a cold start.

STX Installer
Mike @ 12:44 am

I’ve finished most of the interface for the new STX LiveCD Installer. The main task now is the XML based system for executing installation instructions, after that there’s a few minor fixes needed to the current code then it’ll be about ready for testing.


Installation type selection Partition selection Installation progress

September 22, 2005

WWLUG Website
Mike @ 12:15 am

I’ve finished putting together the design and backend for the new WWLUG website and have sent a packaged version off to Bryn. It should be online soonish.

Here’s a screenshot to give you a preview:

New WWLUG Website

September 21, 2005

Qemu GUIs
Mike @ 4:33 pm

I’ve decided to start doing the whole blog thing. Mostly just to show off the random stuff I’m working on, so whiney bloggyness will be kept to a minimum and cool screenshots to a maximum. On that note…

I’ve been hacking together a patch for Qemu to make it easy to create more advanced GUIs. If you look at VMWare it has nice facilities for managing multiple virtual machines in different tabs. I’d like to see that sort of feature in a Qemu GUI.

Here’s a quick screenshot of my progress so far:

Tabbed Qemu session

Notice the tabs at the bottom; each has a separate Qemu session displayed in it.

I need to finish working out how much can be handled through just passing X events to Qemu’s window and how much will need extra patching to Qemu itself before I considered submitting the patch though.

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