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September 23, 2005

STX Installer
Mike @ 12:44 am

I’ve finished most of the interface for the new STX LiveCD Installer. The main task now is the XML based system for executing installation instructions, after that there’s a few minor fixes needed to the current code then it’ll be about ready for testing.


Installation type selection Partition selection Installation progress


  1. It’s excellent! I think that FLTK is a great GUI toolkit. I’m experimenting STX right now, it seems lightweight and beautiful. Thank you! Keep working. 😉

    Comment by Douglas — December 13, 2005 @ 11:26 pm

  2. Thanks for the support :). I’m hoping to force myself to sit down over Christmas and get a fair amount of the backend finally hacked together.

    Comment by Mike — December 13, 2005 @ 11:35 pm

  3. That is very nice indeed. I do like efltk. The ede team does not get enough support. Trying to create a live-cd myself based on puppy. But with the way puppy runs in ram, it won’t work on a lot of computer’s…… blah, blah. Anyway looks really good.
    On top of that, stx was alright. There will be inprovement I am sure.
    But it is a clean desktop. Was able to download the developer’s tools easily enough. Hopefully I can learn one of these programming lang’s one day. Only been using linux about 1 1/2 years. Well Take it easy. Looking forward to your installer!

    Comment by klhrevolutionist — February 6, 2006 @ 2:35 pm

  4. Thanks; if you need any help getting to grips with FLTK or PyFLTK feel free to drop in to either #stx or #fltk2 on irc.freenode.net

    Comment by Mike — February 6, 2006 @ 3:43 pm

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