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October 22, 2006

Flickr Plugin For Elisa
Mike @ 10:28 am

Elisa is a neat new Python and Gstreamer based media centre system with a nifty plugin architecture. Over the weekend I’ve put together a little Flickr backend plugin (thanks to philn for spotting a few of my silly mistakes), allowing the use of flickr:// URIs for viewing pictures. It allows for the following locations:

  • flickr://user/bees
  • flickr://tags/hamster
  • flickr://tags/gstreamer,fluendo
  • flickr://search/jokosher
  • flickr://group/56878019@N00

Requests are split up in to pages (defaulting to 10 pictures per page), with a “Next Page” folder for displaying the next set of pictures. When displaying in a Slideshow this follows the “Next Page” links down, to display all the pictures in a location.

Here’s a screenshot of it displaying flickr://tags/jokosher:

Elisa Flickr Plugin

Now I can sit around all day watching slideshows filled with hamsters :).

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