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February 25, 2006

Mike @ 1:41 am

My latest distraction is working on Jokosher (formerly JonoEdit). It’s a multi-track non-linear audio editor with a prime focus on usability. So far I’ve managed to get single-track recording working, and almost have mixed multi-track playback working. Jono‘s been hacking away on the interface while Micro and Jason have started working together on producing a Cairo based widget for displaying a graphical representation of the audio. Pretty much any assistance would be appreciated so anyone wanting to help would do well to check out the Getting Involved page.

With a little luck I’ll have a multi-input sound card pretty soon, which’ll enable me to start work on the simultanious multi-input recording features.

Finally, a screenshot:


February 20, 2006

LUGRadio Forums Theme
Mike @ 6:40 pm

After vague prodding from Jono and Trig I’ve hacked together a little phpBB theme to make the LUGRadio forums more consistent with the rest of the site. The latest version can be seen at http://mikeasoft.com/phpbb, which’ll hopefully get applied to the official forums in the near future (pending any requested improvements).

February 19, 2006

STX For Sale
Mike @ 11:52 pm

From the classified adverts section of the February 16th edition of Micro Mart (issue 889):

STX LINUX FOR OLDER HARDWARE. Linux distribution especially for older hardware. Contains an excellent range of applications including Office, Internet, Multimedia, Graphics, Games and many other tools. Price includes postage. £2.50 Tel: Email: linuxman@dsl.pipex.com

February 16, 2006

STX Install Video
Mike @ 9:22 pm

I’ve made a quick flash video showing off the STX LiveCD Installer in action :). It can be viewed at: http://junk.mikeasoft.com/stxinstall.htm

February 15, 2006

STX Installer Works
Mike @ 1:06 am

I’ve just completed a successful install with the new STX LiveCD Installer :). There are still a few things to tidy up and odd bits to add on, but it essentially works now. I’ll be pretty busy for the next week (finishing group work, visiting parents and preparing for an interview) so I’ll try and get a testable version all ready in a couple of weeks, hopefully in time for stibs’ next beta LiveCD.

February 14, 2006

Bazaar Frontend And STX Installer
Mike @ 1:23 am

I’ve updated my little PHP Bazaar frontend so that it now displays the last change made to a project (as well as who made that change and the date it was made).

I’ve got threading working roughly correctly in the STX Installer now; threading support in PyFLTK still seems a little patchy at the moment but it looks as though it’ll suit our purposes. Just a few bugs left to fix and a couple of small features to finish off and it’ll be ready for a public test release.

February 2, 2006

Aberystwyth CompSci Timetable Generator
Mike @ 7:38 pm

I’ve updated my little timetable generating script so it now contains the current semester 2 information for students in years 1 through 4. It can be accessed from http://www.mikeasoft.com/timetable

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