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September 21, 2005

Qemu GUIs
Mike @ 4:33 pm

I’ve decided to start doing the whole blog thing. Mostly just to show off the random stuff I’m working on, so whiney bloggyness will be kept to a minimum and cool screenshots to a maximum. On that note…

I’ve been hacking together a patch for Qemu to make it easy to create more advanced GUIs. If you look at VMWare it has nice facilities for managing multiple virtual machines in different tabs. I’d like to see that sort of feature in a Qemu GUI.

Here’s a quick screenshot of my progress so far:

Tabbed Qemu session

Notice the tabs at the bottom; each has a separate Qemu session displayed in it.

I need to finish working out how much can be handled through just passing X events to Qemu’s window and how much will need extra patching to Qemu itself before I considered submitting the patch though.


  1. Hey ,Mike I am appreciating what you are doing I also want to do something in the field of virtualization using qemu but it seems to be difficult to understand the fucntionality of qemu for me ,probably due to less number of tutorial available .
    I will be glad if you just mail me a tutorial kind of thing if you have some or just mail me links or give a broad knowledge of how this qemu actually works.
    Thanks in advance
    Akhil Kumar Meshram

    Comment by Akhil Kumar Meshram — October 10, 2005 @ 4:34 pm

  2. Hi mike,
    i’m notice, that this message is a few older but i’m very curious to know, if you worked something out. I have written a fresh qemu gui called Qemulator that brings interactive communication with each running qemu job by redirecting the qemu monitor to a virtual pty terminal. The gui fetches the used pts device and communicates with qemu through it. Current version is an early beta that only provides the option to stop/resume each emulation but further versions will bring on demand functionality to change or eject drives, manage usb devices, saving/restoring VM state and all the other qemu-monitor commands. It’s written in python gtk/glade. So if you got something that enhances the remote control options for qemu please let me know. Maybe my solution will be inspiring for your works. For more informations about qemulator and download, please visit the homepage.

    Comment by rainer haage — December 16, 2006 @ 8:57 pm

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