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April 3, 2012

StatusNet client for the Nokia N9/N950
Mike @ 3:58 pm

StatusNet messages in the MeeGo events feed

There’s one thing that my Nokia N950 has been lacking and that’s a StatusNet client, so I set about hacking one together. I love the way that the N9/N950 events feed displays messages from Twitter and Facebook, so my main focus so far has been to integrate with this. I’ve now got my client to a stage at which it covers most of my own needs so I thought I’d make an early release for others to play with.

Once I’ve extended it a little further I plan on submitting it to both Apps For Meego and the general Nokia Ovi Store, but for now you can download the Debian package directly here.

One thing to note is that you will need to restart your phone before events will start to appear (this is due to a limitation in the way the SyncFW framework loads plugins).

The client is written mostly in Python, with a little C++ for integrating with the events synchronisation framework. It makes use of the StatusNet module written for the command line StatusNet client IdentiCurse and the python-eventfeed module written by Thomas Perl.


* OAuth login for identi.ca.
* Standard login for any other StatusNet services.
* Shows messages in the events feed.
* Fetches (and caches) user avatars.
* Displays messages from the events feed in the browser when clicked.
* Automatically fetches new messages in the events feed based on your events feed preferences.
* Can manually fetch new messages via the events feed ‘Refresh’ button.

Not yet implemented

* Posting messages.
* Displaying messages locally within the application.
* Displaying rich content (messages with multimedia attachments)


Ovi Store: StatusNet for MeeGo
Direct download: statusnet-meego_0.1-3_armel.deb


License: GPL version 3.0 or later
Gitorious repository: https://gitorious.org/statusnet-meego-plugin
Ohloh project page: https://www.ohloh.net/p/statusnet-meego


  1. […] Cliente Statusnet/Identi.ca com suporte ao event feed do Harmattan para N9/N950. […]

    Pingback by Terça dos pinguins móveis – Pinguins Móveis — April 3, 2012 @ 8:16 pm

  2. I can’t get this to work. It starts, then I get a screen asking for a login, clicking on identica.ca does nothing, using custom server seems to work (I get a ‘Login successful’ message) but then when the actual app starts and tries to fetch my feed it never completes. It just hangs there with the spinning ‘please wait’ thing forever.

    Comment by rakete — August 3, 2012 @ 9:47 am

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