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August 10, 2008

Improved Crash Protection for Jokosher
Mike @ 12:23 am

I’ve just about finished rewriting the crash protection code for Jokosher. It now supports recovering multiple crashed projects at any time after the fact (instead of forcing you to choose immediately after a crash has occurred). It also checks that the crashed project hasn’t changed since the backup was saved and makes sure the user really wants to restore the project if this is the case.

Jokosher has recently moved to using bazaar instead of SVN, as such this feature has it’s own branch, we’ll still need to see if this branch gets merged before or after the 0.10 release.

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  1. […] have started to make use of the flexibility of Bazaar by developing the new crash recovery feature in a separate branch. Last weekend it was merged into the main Jokosher branch. Look for this in […]

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