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July 1, 2006

Delta 44, GStreamer and Jokosher
Mike @ 12:14 pm

I’ve recently been writing code to handle multiple simultanious inputs in Jokosher. Part of this has involved editing Marlin’s channel splitting element slightly so that it works as a standalone GStreamer element separate from libmarlin. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to try and slip my changes in a few days late (i.e. during the feature freeze), if no one has any objections. The work has taken substantially longer than I expected due to me finding that the Delta 44 doesn’t work with GStreamer, I’ve since filed a bug and created a rough patch for the problem. I’m still having one problem though, which is that I’m only receiving data on the mixed input channels from the Delta 44 and not on the individual ones. I’m not sure if this is a problem in alsasrc, in the channel splitter or in my use of either, but at least the Delta 44 is now usable as an input device in GStreamer (albeit not without the channel splitter, since hardly any elements support 12 channels).

In related news Jokosher has been used to record a LUGRadio mini episode, which has also helped to find some new bugs.

I’ve also recently purchased a Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer, which has given me new drive to get Delta 44 input fully sorted in Jokosher. I have various odd musical ideas I’d like to record with it and Jokosher would be the perfect application to do so with.

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