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November 1, 2005

SabreGL Anti-Aliasing & Fixes
Mike @ 1:53 am

I’ve added fullscreen anti-aliasing support to SabreGL, unfortunately with my current setup I can’t actually test it. I’ve also been doing more work integrating the new 3DS code so animation speeds are handled now. I still need to sort out interpolation for the 3DS models (already works fine for MD2 models). Also made some changes to take more notice of specular and diffuse information in 3DS materials (not actual specular maps yet though).

I’ve gone one better than a screenshot this time, you can now see a video of an animated 3DS model.

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  1. SabreGL

    We have sabreGL on the go again!

    I have “kindly” offered my assistance in Porting it over to Windows. It aint as easy as it sounds I have started on setting up all the rubbish I have to set up. But it does take time and is all fiddly and well bleh…

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