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October 31, 2005

New 3DS Support for SabreGL
Mike @ 1:03 am

After a few days hard work I’ve now rewritten SabreGL‘s 3DS model handling code to use the very useful (but badly documented) Lib3DS. So we now have support for animated 3DS models with vertex normals calculated based upon smoothing groups. It should also be trivial to add bump map and specular map support to the 3DS models once the engine supports them (which isn’t so trivial ;)). I still need to rewrite some of the collision detection code but this shouldn’t be a massive task. I’m now seriously beginning to consider the possibility of a release version (presently it’s only buildable from CVS), and Alasdair‘s kindly offered to have a go at getting a more up to date Windows version built.

Now for the ever so pretty screenshots:

SabreGL Opacity

SabreGL New 3DS Support

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