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October 1, 2005

AberSim Motorola 6811 Development Environment
Mike @ 11:41 pm

After glancing through the Computer Architecture section of my university modules this year I noticed we’re required to use a proprietary, windows only, 6811 processor development environment. After hunting around for a Free alternative and failing to find anything with the same range of capabilities I decided to have a go at hacking together my own. When completed it should offer a graphical display of the processor, a syntax highlighting editor and offer easy facilities for creating simulated hardware (e.g. LEDs, LCDs, servos, etc.).

I’m using sim68xx to handle the processor simulation and the as11 assembler from Motorola to take care of the actual assembling. The program itself is in Python using GTK2 for the interface.

An early screenshot (just a days worth of hacking):

AberSim early screenshot

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