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January 2, 2006

Mike @ 3:54 pm

Today I finally plucked up the courage to try my hand at a little busking. I caught a train up to Reading and spent about an hour in the finger numbing cold before my guitar strap broke (again). I didn’t make much money but that was as I expected, it being my first attempt, and I think I’ve learnt a fair amount from the experience.

I had my picture taken by some random person. I was pointed out by a mother to her child saying “Isn’t that exciting”. I was wished good luck by a friendly man and possibly mocked by a group of children, though that may just be my paranoia ;).

Oddly there was a large police presence in Reading when I arrived, which forced me in to an area that I think was a bit too noisey for my acoustic playing.

In-between the gut wrenching fear and the mild embarrassment I enjoyed myself and it’s definitely something I plan to have a go at again in the future (though perhaps not until the weather warms up a bit).

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